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Common Queries and Questions

It's FREE! That's right - We produce, publish and display the Mainers magazine for absolutely no cost. You might wonder why? So, I'll tell you. We want to promote Maine and it's people to as many people as we can. If we charged a fee, we fear it would limit our reach. This way, everyone can enjoy our great magazine.
No. At this time, we have decided it would be best for both our customers and our business to run only a digital magazine. Why? It is the only way to keep operating costs and overhead low to publish a FREE magazine.
Most definitely! That is what is great about Mainers magazine - anyone can be our featured Mainer. We are not necessarily looking for celebrities, we are looking for every day people, just like us.
Our advertisement rates are displayed and maintained on our website by clicking here. The rates are always subject to change based on the popularity of the magazine. You will get the lowest rates by locking in early.
Yes, we currently use Issuu as our digital platform, but will be looking to develop our own priority software for desktop and mobile viewing.
Of course! In fact, we love our audience sharing and giving us permission to use their own photos in upcoming magazine editions. All you have to do is send an email to and give us a written consent to use the photo. Your photo will be credited to your name.