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My Hometown: Scarborough, Maine

My Hometown - Scarborough, Maine

The town of Scarborough is a coastal resort area on the southern coast of Maine. The distance from Maine’s largest city, Portland, is just 7 miles. The town is famous for its scenic beaches and recreation facilities.

Scarborough has a rich history with recordings going back to the early years of the 17th century. The town was founded when Captain Thomas Cammock built a house in 1635 on a piece of land which was 1500-acre in size and which is now known as Prouts Neck. Soon people settled in the vicinity and many modern areas were established. The area was attractive for the new comers as it offered great opportunities for fishing and farming. By 1658, the independent land holdings were incorporated as Scarborough.

Even for a small town with a population of less than 20,000 people in an estimated census of 2012, it has produced the likes of Stephen King, author, who spent his early years on Black Point Road in Scarborough, the historian John Wingate Thornton and Rufus King who was a US senator and an ambassador to Britain at one point in his life. Other notable celebrities include: Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, Glenn Close, Six time Academy Award-nominated actress and Joe Bessey, former owner and driver with NASCAR.

The Scarborough school system ranks among the top ten in Maine, with Scarborough High School listed at number seven. The school’s mascot is the Red Storm. The athletics department is competitive in Class AA sports and offer 26 varsity sports teams.

The list of parks and facilities is nearly endless. The Blackpoint Park is a community garden located at Black Point Road and has multiple uses for the residents nearby. Then there is Eastern trail on Pine Point road for those who’re conscious about their trailing needs. The Memorial park on Durant Drive is located at Oak Hill and includes a range of fun filled activities for both young ones and the not so young ones such as gazebo, trails and skateboard parks etc.
The Peterson Complex is located at Old Blue Point Road and has multiple fields equipped with equipment for the playground and a jogging trail covers the boundaries of this complex. On Quentin Drive, there is Middle School Sports Complex which has fields for softball, baseball and a multi-use field. The High School Sports Complex has turf, baseball, softball and basketball courts along with an ice rink and tennis courts.

The Willey Sports Complex on Tenney Lane is also a great place for recreation as it has options for almost everyone in the family such as a full-sized baseball field, a soccer field and jogging area around the inside boundary of the complex.

Similar to the parks, there are many beaches in the town as well which are a great attraction for visitors too. Ferry beach is located along the Scarborough river channel and it generally protected from ocean waves. It is open from sunrise to sunset with a parking lot and facilities and the restrooms are equipped with showers. There is also access to municipal boat launch and a snack bar is present when you feel hungry.

The Pine Point Beach is also a public beach with similar facilities and it’s a better option for surfing due is its open nature as compared to Ferry Beach. Other beaches include Higgins, which is a privately maintained beach with public access and Scarborough beach which is operated by an independent contractor. All these are great places to visit with friends and family after a long day at work.

Even though Scarborough is a coastal city, it offers many activities other than leisurely walks on the beach to its residents. Scarborough Marsh Audubon Center is the state’s largest marsh which you can visit either by hiring a canoe or by taking a leisurely stroll to observe the birdlife from a close view. There is also an 18-home golf course which is spread over an area more than 200-acres and great efforts have been taken for its maintenance. Not only the course is a sight to behold, the staff is courteous and highly professional too!

There are some great places to satisfy the cravings of the shopaholic in all of us. Scarborough has the honor of hosting the world’s single life-size Chocolate Moose. The best place to satisfy your taste buds is Len Lebby Candies which delivers handmade chocolates and candies made of some of the most special and exquisite ingredients. You can’t miss Len Lebby when you visit Scarborough! Places like Bayley’s Lobster Pound, Rising Tide Restaurant, Ken’s Place, Clambake, Romeo’s pizza and others are worthy of visits too.

Since Scarborough is a highly popular destination for people on vacation, there are many lodgings available for visitors. Some of the best places to spend a few nights include places like Homewood Suites by Hilton Portland, Fairland Inn, Higgins Beach Maine, Wassamki Springs and Black Point Inn etc. All of these are located in beautiful locations for example, Black Point Inn is surrounded by water on three out of its four sides whereas Wassamki Springs has its own private lake.

There are many pet lovers amongst us and we all know that pets need great care especially when they’re away from home. The Maine Veterinary Referral Center specializes in the care of our canines and feline companions providing advanced services like surgery, CT scanning and emergency services along with a host of others as well and the best thing is that it is open 24 hours a day for 365 days in a year so no matter what problems your pet faces when away from home, it is going to get some of the best healthcare available.

These are some of the reasons which make my hometown, Scarborough, such a special place to live!


Estimated Population (based on 2014) – 19,524
Square Miles – 70.63
First Settler – 1635
Median Household Income – $78,359
Total Businesses (2012) – 2,399

Did you KNOW?
Scaroborough was named Google’s eCity Award in 2013 – recognizing the strongest online business community in each state